Apply to become a Wholesale customer

Follow these steps to register as a Wholesale customer.

- The Wholesale Application form can be found in the Wholesale tab just underneath the link for this page.

- Please complete this form as accurately as possible and add as much information as you can. Click here to access it now.

- It will take a few days for us to approve your application.

- We may contact you during this time with additional questions on your application.

- You will receive an Account Activation email from us if your wholesale application was successfull.

- Please complete this as soon as possible to finalise the account activation.

- As soon as you've completed your account activation, you are ready to place your first online Wholesale order.

- Follow the instructions below to place your first order.

How to place a Wholesale order.

Follow these steps to place a Wholesale order.

1. Click on the account icon (outline of the head and shoulders of a person) on the top right side of the website (next to the search and cart buttons)

2. Enter your email address and password for your account.

3. Click on the black SIGN IN button.

1. The first page you see after successfully logging into your account, is the MY ACCOUNT page.

2. You will only see the HOME, NEWSLETTERS and HOME DECOR menu items at the top of the website. If you see any other menu items, you are not logged in to your Wholesale account.

3. Any products that you see will have a Wholesale Price and a greyed out Recommended Retail Price.

1. The ordering process on Wholesale is exactly the same as Retail.

2. The only difference between placing a Wholesale and Retail order, is the price of the products.

Important things to remember

Take note of these important things to remember

1. We offer two payment methods.

- Manual payments in the form of a manual EFT's and

- Electronic payments in the form of Paygate.

2. Any orders that are paid for in full will have priority scheduling.

1. Order lead times are normally three to four weeks.

2. Lead times may increase due to loadshedding and potential supply chain issues.

1. We DO NOT offer free shipping on Wholesale Orders.

2. You can choose to collect or ship your order when you place it.

- If you choose the Pick up option, we will notify you when your order is ready to be collected.

- If you choose the Ship option, our website will calculate the shipping costs based on the weight of the items you ordered and the address it has to be sent to. This fee will automatically be added to the oustanding amount on your order. Your order will then automatically be sent to your shipping address as soon as the items have been manufactured and packaged and we have received the full payment for your order.