Your guide to wall hangings

Your guide to wall hangings

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Figuring out how to hang art or photos can be tricky. An improperly hung piece can stick out like a sore thumb. But luckily, there are a few tips to follow to ensure your pieces hang perfectly, so you don't need the help of an interior designer. Let's explore: 

  • Keep balance in mind 

While a big piece of art can look great as a centrepiece in a room, you want to keep the balance just right. The same goes for smaller pieces. Hanging tiny frames against a big open wall may look awkward, while a big piece of art in a small room can have the same effect. Always keep the size of the space, the amount of furniture and the dimensions of your art pieces or photos in mind. 

  • Consider height 

There is no rule for the perfect height of wall hangings. However, hanging pictures at eye level can be a safe option. This means placing the picture or photo so its midpoint is 144 cm - 152 cm from the floor.

  • Acknowledge colour or shades

A contrasting piece of art can look stunning in a modern space. But a colourful piece in a room with toned-down colours can overwhelm a space. Although there are no rules when it comes to the colours you use, it can be helpful to pay attention to them. Look for common hues in your other furniture to guide your artwork picks.

  • Work with the light 

Consider what will surround the artwork and how the light will fall in the room during the day. Once, you've established this, you can work with the light and see how you can work with it to accentuate your wall hangings. Also keep the sightlines in mind and consider what you want to see first when you enter a space.

Create visual balance with wall art

When you want to hang several pieces in a group, visual balance is important. Try to keep heavy pieces to the bottom and left as it will balance the weight of the items since the eye starts on the left. With even arrangements, try to keep the heaviest pieces in the middle.

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Tips for hanging wall art 

  • When creating a group of pictures, choose an odd number of items. This tip can help your arrangement look balanced and complete.
  • If you're hanging artwork above a sofa or table, make sure it is at least 2/3 the size of the furniture piece. Having pictures that are too big or too small can make the arrangement look out of balance. 
  • Symmetrical compositions typically lead to a more traditional or formal look, while asymmetrical groupings have a more modern feel.
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Create new spaces with beautiful art arrangements

The process of hanging an art piece or a collection of photos can seem like a tricky task. But keep in mind: there isn't just one correct way to put them together. As with any aspect of decorating, it helps to understand the basic principles first, and then improvise. Remember: the most charming arrangement may be the one you least expect!