Anna the Business Woman
Annelize started her career as a stylist. This is her "first love". She worked for both Leef and Finesse magazines as a Stylist and when she was presented with the opportunity to start her own Home Decor and gifting business with her partner, she grabbed it with both hands and managed it very successfully for 8 years.
Many of you will know her as Annelize from Just Because or ANNA from ANNA PRODUKSIES. You would have seen her at markets or met her at SARCDA if you are a business owner. Her products were proudly displaying her ANNA logo and if you ever received a package from her, you would have had a  knowing smile on your face when you opened your package. That smile meant that you knew with exactly how much love each product was wrapped and packed.
Our journey with Anna started many years ago when she was still part of Just Because. When The Cape Art Company started, we took their custom printing over and had the privilege to walk a road with her during the start-up of her own business, ANNA PRODUKSIES, that was borne during her and her family's relocation to Cape Town. For 12 years she has worked with wholesale clients, suppliers and retail clients in the home decor and gifting industry.
Welcome to the Cape Art Family, Annelize.

Just after COVID, when everybody and everything started to normalize again, I had a breakfast meeting with Anna one morning. We were discussing the product development she was doing for one of her clients and she was positively glowing! Her enthusiasm and energy spread like wildfire and our conversation ended with Anna saying something like this: " ... wish I could be part of your team, just to be more creative ...".

With a young family and her own business, there was very little time to be creative enough to feed Anna's urge to create products. During another breakfast meeting and brainstorming session, we came up with a concept plan for her to have time for it all and be part of a bigger team where her creativity can be nurtured.

She became part of The Cape Art Company at the end of October 2021 in the role of our Creative Consultant, putting all her energy into creating lovely content for our new catalogue, advising on our advertisements and social media postings, adding to our Marketing Strategies and generally inspiring our team to love what we do! For a while she shelved her business to pursue her creativity.

Anna's fresh, earthy designs on our Wall Art ranges.

Stronger Together

Anna is nurturing the urge to do business with the mothers, wives and business women of SA.  To her all of them are the hearts of South African households. She communicates a strong message of beauty and hope, building small businesses while doing what she loves: creating, designing and sharing.

Cape Art has a strong ethos of building small businesses and local artists through supplying wholesale products that are of great quality, sought after and beautiful. 

And this is why Cape Art has joined forces with Anna, and vice versa. The one compliments the other. Doing business together will benefit our most precious resource ... our clients. We can communicate with and influence women on a beautiful platform.

We are enough, we are chosen, we are loved.

"Creativity does not thrive in isolation. Together we can inspire, bring hope and create beautiful products." - Annelize Fourie