What's HOT and what's NOT: Colour Trends 2022

What's HOT and what's NOT: Colour Trends 2022

When asking your social media audience what they want to read about, you must be prepared to broaden your horizons to enlighten and interest them about a topic they find interesting. That is just what happened with this Newsletter. My horizons were broadened and my internal realizations regarding trends and trend settings, sparked my mostly L-sided brain to look a little deeper. The following is my thoughts on trends and sharing what the experts see as colour trends.

Firstly, it is obvious that trends are set and analyzed by people. People reading what other people think. People listen to what inspires other people. And as humans do, we all inspire each other differently and adopt the thoughts and ideas of people around us to feed our creativity.

Pantone, a leading expert in colour, has announced that their choice for Colour of the Year 2022 is the new shade of blue called “Very Peri”, a shade of periwinkle blue hue with a violet red undertone, which is described as “dynamic and vivifying” by this industry giant. Some of us might think it is a lovely purple or just look at it and wonder what all the fuss is about. This is what it looks like:

Another leading expert in the industry, Benjamin Moore, an international distributor of paint, has chosen this as their choice of Colour of the Year 2022: October Mist 1495

These are two completely different choices inspired by research done in vastly different markets: the one a leader in the printing industry and ink development and the other a leader in the paint industry.

The interpretation and use of this, however, is determined by industries like the Home Décor industry and manufacturers like The Cape Art Company in Cape Town producing products for this industry. What you can take from this is the following:

  1. Your inspiration is not taken from the actual colour that is indicated by the market to be the most popular, it is still influenced by the subjects of your designs.

Our latest inspiration comes from organic sources: nature, food, soil, trees and minerals and precious stones.


The realisation that we naturally leaned toward this shade of green due to the inspiration we had towards nature and what it has to offer, opened a canvas of colours to us to help our imaginations to soar. These invigorating combinations of colours that are unlocked with “October Mist” is a trend in its own right.

The same can be said about our wall art printed on plexiglass. These mineral and natural stone inspired images with their clarity and hues of blues, blacks, amethyst and pinks are true to the Pantone choice for Colour of the Year and the range of colours developing around “Very Peri”.

  1. No colour works in isolation. Combining and interpreting your colour themes or choices when designing or styling for a Home Décor product, will be inspired by many different shades of colour communicating with each other and creating an emotion that inspires you to choose this product … creating your own trends.

Our latest catalogue was inspired by colours found in nature, in trees, in flowers and in the beauty of the mountainous Cape Town we live in. To bring these elements and their colours into your living spaces, we were inspired by a combination of all of the above and the colours the experts ‘told us’ are popular. This design combination has been combined in a very crafty manner by a creative consultant to bring you designs that give you a sense of familiarity, a feeling of homeliness and wholesomeness. An imaginary breeze through your hair as if you are touching the ‘pale moon yellow’ spot in the bark of a Blue Gum Tree or the ‘amber orange’ inside of a rose peony.


  1. You are our trend-setters. With every click and choice of product we are inspired to bring you nature-inspired Home Décor products that will enhance your personal space, to give you a sense of wholesomeness like only nature can offer us.