Got your attention, didn't I? I bet you thought "Oh crap, what did I do?" How exciting it is to say this in a not-so-serious way, though!
It is with pleasure that we share some of our 'inside stories' from the factory with you in this Newsletter. We also want to thank each and every person that signed up for our Newsletter and hope to entertain you with interesting and helpful information that will spark your creativity and awaken your inner decorator!


We would love to see you visiting our shop if you are in Cape Town or visiting Cape Town. It has been described as "A real little gem ..." by more than one browser that found a special piece or design they have been looking for. Whether it is a bargain from our bargain bins or a special curated piece of wall art, you are bound to discover something for that open space in your home!


 A hearty congratulations to all our Mother's Day winners! We bless you with a special gift because you are of a very special breed and deserve lovely Home Decor gifts all the time!


Saying goodbye is never easy, and it is with great sadness that we have to say this to one of our own. Nathan has decided to pursue his interest and a career in landscaping. From all of us at The Cape Art Company, we wish you all the best and many blessings on your new path. May it bring you joy and happiness in abundance!


We would like to extend a warm welcome to Rozanne who will be dealing with our procurements and suppliers from now on. Rozanne has years of experience in the Home Decor industry and we are very lucky to have her on board. She will also be responsible for creative jobs like our branded packaging and will do the invoicing to our wholesale clients. She is a little gem to us!


Morné Beckmann, from Wholesale Online, has been corroborating with The Cape Art Company to upgrade our website and online shop. This upgrade implies a much faster platform, enhanced features in terms of publications and search engines and enhanced payment features and security. Our online shop will also soon feature a Wholesale section from which registered wholesalers will be able to place their orders online. This will increase the speed and accuracy with which we are capturing wholesale orders. Our retail online shop will also be upgraded with new designs and products within the next month and we are looking forward to these improvements that will improve your online shopping experience at The Cape Art Company's online and wholesale shops.


Biophilic Design Trends

It is always interesting to put a name to something that we tend to refer to in generic terms, like a trend. Biophilic design trend refers to our humane, innate tendency to seek connections with nature and incorporate it in our living spaces. 

Our very own Creative Consultant, ANNA, together with our graphic designer, Chris-Zandri, have managed to capture this beautiful trend in our newest addition to our Wall Art ranges, the fabric Wall Hanging. The natural fabric, a cotton/linen blend, and the authentic designs inspired by nature, captures a feeling in your living spaces. This feeling creates an atmosphere of both texture and warmth and eases your sense into calmness.

For Autumn, we will embrace different biophilic design trends in our product ranges that will enhance your living spaces to create that serenity of nature for you to live with.

This concludes our news from the Inner Circle, until next time!

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