The top colour trends for this autumn

The top colour trends for this autumn

Winter greens

Autumn usually reminds of deeper and warmer colours. However, this year, there is a big move towards open, fresh, and clean spaces. Therefore, vibrant winter greens are on trend for the upcoming season. 


This year, there is a big focus on bringing a sense of calm to indoor spaces. And nothing feels more fitting for this purpose, than off-white décor shades. Embracing off-white hues creates a calm atmosphere and spaces where you can relax and unwind. 

Shades of pink 

2020 saw a move towards experimenting with different tones and textures. As a result, unusual colours have become trendy. This autumn, you can bring in shades of pink in creative ways. Splashes of pink can be used in living spaces, while smaller hints can be brought into bedrooms. 

Coppers and oranges

While the trend is moving towards open and cleaner interior spaces, the colder seasons will definitely see hints of warmer, cosy hues too. Coppers and oranges will bring a rustic and natural tone to homes while bringing about a grounding and calming effect. 

Classic Blue

This is Pantone’s colour for 2021 and one of the trend colours for autumn. This blue is a versatile and elegant shade that fits well in classic spaces, as well as modern homes. It can be combined with white or grey for a luxurious touch, and can also be paired with vibrant colours such as orange or yellow.

Create brand-new spaces with stunning autumn colours 

This year, it is all about creating open and clean spaces and bringing in hints of warmth through darker colours. The start of the new season is the perfect time to change and renew your home. So, take some inspiration from our favourite autumn colour trends and create beautiful new interiors.