Carpets: round, rectangular or runner?

Carpets: round, rectangular or runner?

With all the hundreds of styles available, it can be a challenging task to decide which rug or carpet you want. And an even tougher decision can be figuring out the right size carpet you’ll need. Choosing the wrong shape or size for a space can be impractical or make the area look awkward.

To help you, we've compiled a short guide on carpets and how they work in specific spaces. But first, let's explore the different carpet shapes available. 

Different carpet shapes

A carpet is a simple way to update your floors and interiors and to transform a space. Let's look at the carpet shapes available: 

  • Round carpets 

Round carpets typically have a much more casual feel and can bring a relaxed atmosphere to a space. These carpets are usually better suited to smaller or circular spaces. They also work well in kids' rooms to add an element of fun. 

  • Rectangular carpets 

Rectangular carpets are the most traditional carpet shape. These carpets are perfect for covering larger areas. They also fit well into long and narrow spaces.

  • Runners

Runners are an area rug shape typically designed to accentuate narrow spaces and create a decorative path between rooms. You can use a runner to highlight a hallway, enhance an entryway, or add a touch of style to the sides of a bed. 

Tips for finding the right carpet for your space 

  • Measure the area first

Measure out where you want to put the carpet and consider what size is appropriate for that space before selecting a specific shape.

  • Keep furniture in mind 

If you have large or bulky furniture, a big carpet is recommended. The rule of thumb is for all furniture pieces' front legs to fit onto the carpet. For minimalistic and more modern furniture, a smaller carpet can work. 

  • Consider colour and pattern limitations

The colours and patterns of a carpet can have a major effect on how it looks in a specific area. A patterned carpet with many details can make a big open space look cosier while a lighter and more neutrally-coloured carpet can make a small space appear bigger.  

  • Practicality

A certain carpet may look great in a specific area, but how practical is it really? For example, a very soft and plush carpet may not be ideal for a high-traffic hallway, because it can be difficult to walk on. On the other hand, a very coarse carpet may not work well in an area where your kids or pets often play on the floor. 

Need help? 

If you want to invest in a carpet for your home or office but are not quite sure which one to choose, talk to our team. We specialise in a range of printed carpets in various sizes, as well as a range of beautiful, highly functional PVC loose mats to brighten up your spaces.